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What brings people to therapy is as varied as the therapists who provide treatment.  Do you find yourself wanting to explore any of these?

:: Attaining a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to others

:: Developing skills for improving your relationships

:: Discovering new ways to cope with a variety of emotional pressures

:: Navigating life’s obstacles and transitions more effectively

:: Healing from divorce, death, illness or other personal trauma

:: Modifying unhealthy behavior and engrained patterns

:: Increasing daily peace, health and well-being

If any of these resonate, we can address them in a variety of ways.


Life can be difficult to navigate at times. Maybe you are looking for some support related to a particular life transition, emotional experience, or an obstacle you just can't seem to get a grasp on. Perhaps you crave a path toward personal growth, or maybe you want to address a problem that you can’t quite yet define. For those reasons and others, many people seek individual therapy.


Individual therapy offers the opportunity to address aspects of your life that you want to change or really dive into. As we explore these issues, you may notice that the changes you make will impact other aspects of your life and relationships.


Couples can get locked in a cycle of relating that gets in the way of experiencing a fulfilling relationship. Whether this is based in miscommunication, differences in desire, or disruption from a life transition or difficulty,  couple therapy can help partners move through such challenges. Maybe there aren't any major areas of concern, but you simply want to create a deeper relationship with one another. That, too, can be supported in couple therapy.


Couple therapy is most effective when both partners commit to the process. Together, we will work to address the concerns in your partnership to create the relationship you desire.


Similar to individual and couple therapy, family therapy improves the quality of the relationships in the family system. Family therapy is also a tool for addressing specific concerns, and often addresses the underlying patterns of interaction among family members as a way to foster healthier relationships. 


Family therapy may include parents, children, grandparents, cousins, or anyone you consider family. Family members will learn to communicate more effectively, support each other’s strengths, and create a nurturing environment that enables the happiness and healthy growth of all members.


My rate for a 60-minute therapy session is $325.

While I do not participate on any insurance panels, I am able to provide you with a reimbursement form that you can submit directly to your insurance provider. Check with your insurance provider to better understand what they will reimburse you for out-of-network therapy services.

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